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Expedia Secret Saver: Mystery Hotel Rates


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· Quality hotel brands
· Deep discounts
· Get the deal now—and the hotel name after you book

Finding deals

Featured Expedia Secret Saver™ hotels by Destination

Terms and Conditions
Hotel rates are based on double occupancy, do not include taxes and other fees, are subject to availability, and may be discontinued without notice. The hotel name and exact location will be shown only after you book. Expedia Secret Saver Hotel bookings are final and cannot be canceled, refunded, changed, exchanged, or transferred.

* Savings claim based on Expedia Secret Saver Hotel rates for last month, as compared to the regular rate for the same hotel on Expedia.co.nz

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What are Expedia Secret Saver™ hotels?

Brand-name hotels at incredibly low rates
When our brand-name hotel partners have unsold rooms, we can offer them at incredible values in order to fill them.

Hidden hotel names until after you book
Hotels prefer not to publicize rates this low, so we hide the name until after booking. Once you book the hotel, you learn the name and exact location.

Brand names you know and trust
Use our Expedia Secret Saver Hotel star rating guide to help determine the quality you can expect from the hotel you select.

Here's how it works
The hotel name and exact location are shown only after you book.

ALL BOOKINGS ARE FINAL and cannot be canceled, refunded, changed, exchanged, or transferred.

All rooms are guaranteed to sleep the number of guests you provided during your search, but we
cannot guarantee the number of beds.
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