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Known for Skyscrapers, Museums and Monuments

No longer defined by the wall that divided it, this is one of Europe's most interesting cities; a haven of architecture and museums and fascinating cultural history.

How do you get to Berlin?

Berlin is made up of 12 boroughs, each with its own distinct personality. Travelling through them is easy, with an excellent light rail system that runs all day and sometimes through the night at the weekend.

The first port of call for history buffs should be the central Mitte district, where the so-called Museum Island is situated. This is home to the Pergamon Museum, Bode Museum and several other renowned cultural institutions. If more recent history is your thing, the fully interactive DDR Museum offers a snapshot of city life under the Soviets, and is also only a short walk away.

Around the city there are many constant reminders of its recent dark past. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a moving tribute to the victims of the Holocaust, is adjacent to the Mitte's Tiergarten, while you can find the Berlin Wall Memorial, featuring a small slice of the untouched wall (most of which is now demolished), just under 2 kilometres to the north.

To get a feel for some of city’s great architectural styles, take a stroll to enjoy the rococo design of Schloss Charlottenburg palace or have a look inside Berliner Dom, a huge sandstone building in a mixture of styles including Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical. One notable building has to be the Reichstag parliament building. A classic construction topped by a modern glass dome, this impressive building offers 360-degree views of Berlin. Last but not least, a must-see is Berlin’s defining structure, the Brandenburg Gate.

When the sun come out, join the locals and flock to one of the city's many beautiful parks. The Tiergarten in the centre is one of the most popular. It’s lined with trees and has beautifully manicured lawns. It’s also home to Berlin Zoo, which has been around since 1844 and boasts hundreds of animals from pandas to polar bears.

One of the most striking landmarks seen across the city is the TV Tower situated in Alexanderplatz, one of the city’s two main public squares, along with Potsdamer Platz. Destroyed during World War II, Potsdamer Platz has undergone a major redevelopment, shaking off its outdated image as a no man's land during the division of Berlin to become a culinary centre. To try delicious local delights like elsbein (pork knuckle), schnitzel and currywurst, this is the place to go.

For a day trip away from Berlin, visit the time-honoured city of Brandenburg an der Haven. It’s only about an hour’s journey from the capital and features a picturesque lake and quaint bars and restaurants. If you want to travel further afield, Frankfurt an der Oder is a good choice and is only separated from Poland by the Oder River.

Activities in Berlin

There are many debates about where the real centre of Berlin is, but Alexanderplatz, with its teetering tower and retail therapy, is certainly a contender.

One of Europe’s most powerful landmarks, this German symbol dates back to 1791 and has played a huge role in the country’s political culture ever since.

A real survivor of the city's recent past, in the face of bombings and ambush, the German Parliament building stands tall as a symbol of hope and unity in the city.

Visit one of Berlin’s most famous relics of the Cold War. Once a place of chilling fear and dramatic escape attempts, it is now one of the city's big attractions.

This public square once lay divided between East and West Germany, now it brings people together in a celebration of their city.

Take in breathtaking views of Berlin and enjoy a meal in a revolving restaurant inside the sphere of this iconic tower, the tallest structure in Germany.

Visit some of the world’s most exotic animals without leaving the city. Berlin houses one of the biggest and most elegant zoos in Europe.

Enjoy the old-world atmosphere of this elegant square, which is bordered by two cathedrals and a grand concert hall.

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Glide through Berlin on a futuristic electric Segway, with a freedom of travel that gets you close to major landmarks in less time. Learn about Berlin's layered past and present through its historic buildings and monuments, including the Berlin Wall, Holocaust Memorial, and Berlin Cathedral.

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The petite Trabant—arguably the most sought-after object of desire behind the Iron Curtain—is an iconic symbol of Communist East Germany. Travel back in time to an era before the fall of the Berlin Wall as you hop behind the wheel of your own Trabi, driving through Berlin as a professional guide accompanies you via radio.

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Take a guided Berlin hop-on hop-off bus tour, sitting comfortably in a signature yellow double-decker bus as you learn about Berlin's exciting history. Admire the views of the city with leisure, 20 available languages, and 30 stops around the city.

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Surreal landscapes, melting clocks, and colorful creatures from fanciful dreams, the artwork of Salvador Dalí is anything but what can be considered typical. Come and experience over 450 pieces of work that display the eccentricity and genius of one of the most prolific painters from the modern era.

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Uninterrupted bird’s-eye views await you on one of the largest helium balloons in the world. Drift up to 492 feet (150 m) to enjoy a breathtaking panorama while your pilot points out the city’s main sights in the distance.

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Embark on a gastronomical journey through the heart of East Berlin, tasting your way through German culture with a passionate guide in the lead. As you explore and learn about the city, sink your teeth into foods like Flammkuchen and currywurst, washed down with German beers or wines.

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