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Earn points & redeem your way

Booking travel as an Expedia Rewards member means you will earn points on eligible purchases. You’ll also have the flexibility to redeem points for yourself or anyone else you wish to book travel for without any blackout dates.

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Three times the benefit

With Expedia Rewards you could TRIPLE DIP! When you travel as an Expedia Rewards member, you may still be able to earn your airline frequent-flyer points and credit-card rewards points as well as Expedia Rewards points on applicable bookings.*

Join now and get points

*Expedia Rewards and third-party terms apply. Third-party rewards are earned at the discretion of the points provider and may not be available on all bookings.

Deals just for you

As a valued Expedia Rewards member, you have exclusive access to our special offers. Check the Expedia Rewards Marketplace page often for incredible promotions, deals and benefits to save you money or increase points earnings.

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Earn points booking for others

Travelling with friends or family? If you book all the travel in your Expedia Rewards account, you can get all the points. And, everyone still earns their airlines' frequent flyer points. There are no restrictions on how many people you can book travel for, so get the gang together and plan a trip.

Join now and get points

VIP Access hotel benefits

Our premium hotel network provides a hand-selected collection offering special benefits for our Expedia Rewards members. You'll find these high quality hotels in over 200 top locations around the world.

Look for the VIP Access hotel logo when you shop for hotels. Silver and Gold members can enjoy amenities like free breakfast and spa credits, and Gold members can receive free room upgrades upon availability.

Join now and get VIP Access benefits

Expedia Rewards Benefits at a glance

As you travel, you elevate your member status and benefits during a calendar year. Free membership automatically gives you Blue status, followed by Silver status after you spend NZ$5,000 on eligible bookings or staying 7 qualifying hotel room nights, and Gold status after spending NZ$10,000 on eligible bookings or staying 15 qualifying hotel room nights.

Benefits to save you money
Expedia Rewards Benefit Gold Silver Blue
Get twice the value for your points when you redeem for a VIP Access hotel
Use your points to book award travel for others
Free amenities like spa discounts and free drinks at select VIP Access hotels  
Benefits to reward you
Expedia Rewards Benefit Gold Silver Blue
Earn 2 points per NZ$1 for hotel, package, activities and car.
Double-up on flights by earning 1 point per NZ$5 spent and airline frequent flyer points
No blackout dates when you redeem for Expedia travel
Start spending points as soon as you earn them. With no minimum requirement for discounts on hotels.
Bonus points accelerator on all eligible bookings (30% for Gold, 10% for Silver)  
250 bonus points for VIP Access hotel bookings  
Exclusive travel offers  
Benefits of service
Expedia Rewards Benefit Gold Silver Blue
Priority customer service  
Exclusive concierge benefits in Hawaii, Orlando, and 5 other top destinations via Expedia Local Experts®  

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