FAQs which will apply from 2nd February 2022

What is Expedia® Rewards?

Expedia Rewards is a more rewarding way to travel when you create an Account with Expedia. It is a free programme available to Expedia customers that gives members lower prices on select hotels with Member Prices, points for savings on future eligible bookings and more perks when you travel. We’re making some changes to the programme from 2nd February 2022. You can read more about some of the key changes here.

How it works

  • You will earn points when you book travel on eligible stays, car hire, activities, packages and flights. The more points you earn, the more you can use towards future redemption rewards.
  • Expedia Rewards has three tiers: Blue, Silver and Gold. The higher the level, the better the potential rewards—you can learn more about these benefits here.

Good to know

  • You may earn credit card reward points from your credit card provider, as well as Expedia Rewards points on applicable bookings. 
  • When you book flights, you may still be able to earn frequent flyer points with your airline. 
  • For additional information, please read: Expedia Rewards Terms and Conditions.


Earn Expedia Rewards tier status

Expedia Rewards has three membership tiers:

  • Upon joining Expedia Rewards, you’ll automatically reach Blue tier.
  • Reach Silver tier by collecting 10 Trip Elements in a calendar year.
  • Reach Gold tier by collecting 25 Trip Elements in a calendar year.

You might be wondering, ‘What is a Trip Element?’

Whether you’re booking an eligible flight, a night stay, an activity or even a hire car, it can all count as a Trip Element and can help you progress towards your next Expedia Rewards tier.

A ‘Trip Element’ is calculated in the following way for eligible bookings:

  • Flights: One Trip Element per ticket (a return flight including a stopover, a one-way flight, a leg of a multi-flight booking) where the booked flight itinerary is flown, e.g., a booked flight itinerary with three tickets for three people that is flown will provide three Trip Elements.
  • Hotels: One Trip Element per room per completed night stayed (regardless of the number of guests).
  • Accommodation Rental (may have multiple rooms): One Trip Element per completed night stayed.
  • Car: One Trip Element per completed car hire reservation.
  • Activities: One Trip Element for each ticket where the activity is completed.
  • Package: Based on the rules for each travel type listed above.

Here’s some examples of how it can work:

  1. A completed three-night hotel stay for two people in a hotel room would give you three Trip Elements.
  2. A completed three-night hotel stay for four people in two hotel rooms would give you six Trip Elements (you’re awarded per room, per night).
  3. A completed three-night stay for four people in an Eligible Accommodation Rental with multiple rooms would give you three Trip Elements.
  4. A completed three-night stay in a hotel room plus two return flights for two people would give you five Trip Elements.
  5. A completed seven-night stay in a hotel room, two return flights, two activity tickets and one hire car would give you 12 Trip Elements.
  6. Completed single flights or multi-leg flights are all awarded one Trip Element each. For example, a multi-leg flight from Auckland to Sydney, then a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, is two Trip Elements. 

Your tier is valid from the day it is earned, for the following full calendar year, and expires on 28th February of the following year. For example, the tier reached in 2022 is valid from the day you earn it until 28th February 2024.

For more information on how Trip Elements can be collected by members click here.

Good to know

  • Trip Elements earned on a calendar year basis, from 1st January to 31st December, will determine your tier for the following calendar year.
  • Trip Elements for a booking spanning over two different years will be awarded in the respective years for room nights stayed, or at the end of the trip for other types of bookings. You can earn Trip Elements for eligible bookings made with your Expedia Rewards account, regardless of who completes the travel.
  • You can earn Trip Elements for eligible bookings made with your Expedia Rewards account, regardless of who completes the travel.
  • Only Trip Elements of NZ$35 or more count towards Silver and Gold tiers, after discounts or coupons are applied. 
  • You cannot collect Trip Elements for cancelled bookings or bookings made when not signed in to your Expedia Rewards account.
  • Trip Elements cannot be transferred to another Expedia Rewards account or between other Expedia sites.
  • Any claims for missing Trip Elements must be submitted within 180 days from the travel end date. When contacting us, make sure to provide the contact details associated with your Expedia Rewards account and the itinerary number for which you have not received Trip Elements. We will review your request and credit your account for any approved claims. For more information, read the Expedia Rewards Terms and Conditions.

Expedia Rewards benefits

To view a complete list of benefits and perks, visit Expedia Rewards for more details.