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    Panoramic vistas, bustling cities and incredible dining mean pampering and adventure go hand in hand in Asia. Capturing the interest of travellers who want the best of both worlds, some go for the culture and the beautiful beaches, while others go straight for the nightlife!
    With endless terraced planes, swaying palms and activities to suit both families and couples, Bali is the holiday destination with it all. Between shopping in Seminyak, art in Ubud and scuba diving in Amed, it's impossible not to be charmed by Bali.
    Sprawling, chaotic and teeming with life, Bangkok is the gateway to Thailand. World-class sightseeing, shopping of every order, a buzzing nightlife and food to satisfy any palette, Bangkok is bound to excite and inspire.
    Walk the Great Wall, roam the Forbidden City, shop 'til you drop or catch a glimpse of an endangered panda. Beijing may be one of China's true ancient cities, but its historical narrative includes beaches, al fresco dining and rooftop bars, too!
    Chiang Mai is one of the few Thai cities where old-world charm and modern culture seamlessly co-exist. Travellers can expect a very social experience, from their classically styled hotel decorations to the casual atmosphere exuded in bars and spas.
    What once was a small fishing port less than thirty years ago, Dubai has quickly grown to become one of the most modern, metropolitan cities in the world with beaches to rival southern Europe, hotels as glitzy as Vegas and shopping second to none.
    Resting on the banks of the Red River, Vietnam's capital Hanoi blends Asia's fast and furious pace with Parisian grace. The city's French-inspired architecture, broad boulevards and maze of back alleys makes discovering it a real treat for travellers.
    Known as the Paris of the Orient, Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) is a heady mix of charming french colonial elegance and fast-paced modern commerce and culture.
    Located on China's south coast and embraced by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, buzzing Hong Kong is home to seven million people. With more hotels and restaurants than many other places in Asia, Hong Kong is every explorer's dream. Just look at that skyline.
    Indonesian's very-own 'Big Apple' Jakarta whips up the hippest nightlife and cosmopolitan shopping. Travellers who can look past the speed of this bustling city find that it is a tapestry of cultures abounding with hidden gems and local delicacies.
    One of Thailand's largest islands, Ko Samui is a little more built up than some of its neighbouring islands. Benefitting from great infrastructure, beautiful landscape and easy-to-reach location, Ko Samui makes a popular destination for holidaymakers of every kind in Thailand.
    With a diverse culture and rich selection of cuisine, nightlife and shopping, Kuala Lumpur is one of Asia's most exciting cities.
    Home to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur also has one of the world's most recognisable skylines.
    Fringed with postcard-perfect beaches, Jakarta will have travellers experiencing carefree days under swaying palm trees. Snorkelling and shark feeding are popular island-hopping marine activities, along with exploring the pristine jungle-clad hills.
    Divers, sun worshippers and lovebirds flock indulgently to the ancient coral reefs and warm cobalt waters of the Maldives. Laze on powder sand or dive and snorkel through bath-water temperature lagoons thanks to all-year sunshine and bright blue skies.
    Work, relax or party? Whatever your reason, Manila invites travellers to eat, shop and indulge 'til their heart is content. This city of cultural contrasts blends street food and slums with adventurous activities, rejuvenating spas and booming clubs.
    Demanding to be explored, Osaka is a dazzlingly modern Japanese city that rocks to its own drumbeat. Meet notoriously warm locals while you taste famous hearty fare, shop in underground labyrinths, lose yourself in museums and glow in nightlife glamour.
    A vibrant city both day and night, Pattaya serves up every ingredient for the perfect family, couple or singles holiday. Sensational lights and nights go hand in hand with exhilarating beach water sports, shopping, go-go bars and offbeat museums.
    Travellers descending on Malaysia's food paradise island, Penang, should dare to be adventurous with their tongue. Famous for cheap eats at countless food stalls, specialty morsels bought in back alleys are sometimes just as good as coffee shop counterparts.
    Packed with world-class resorts on white-sand beaches, Thailand's largest island is the perfect balance of beach life with all the mod cons.
    In an exciting location and still cheaper than its Asian rivals, Seoul is always a favoured choice with travellers. Historical 17 BC sites charm history buffs, while present-day Seoul satisfies with nightlife districts, fashionable boutiques and dining
    Shanghai trips aren't just for avid business travellers and adults seeking a grown-up good time. No matter your age, push your pedal to the floor and witness soaring monuments and European-inspired cityscapes, eye-popping shopping and tasty treats.
    With over five million people, Singapore should feel more crowded than it does, but in truth, the 'garden city' has a relatively relaxed feel with over 50 per cent covered in greenery.
    Singapore's tall skyscrapers, modern restaurants and new nightlife capital Clarke Quay, make it one of the most modern melting pots in the world.
    Transportation in Taipei has improved immensely, so get cracking and discover the new, dynamic version. Peddle around town, experience the most delicious fare in Asia at the night markets, hike the national park and sip to views of tea-growing hills.
    Buzzing with energy, yet still intertwining traditional culture, Tokyo offers up an unrivalled holiday experience.
    From flashy shopping districts, to modest ancient temples, or the reserved politeness of its gentle people, to the brazen fashion statements of its youth; Tokyo's modern cosmopolitan continues to intrigue and inspire all travellers.
    Central and South America captivate the adventurous minds and hearts of all whom visit. Whether you're glide through steamy Amazon jungles, trek the Andes, join a wild festival or relax on Caribbean white-sandy beaches, you'll talk about it for decades.
    Tango in the street, scream at a passionate game and stay up 'til dawn sampling world-class steak and coffee in Buenos Aires. Travellers fall in love with the seductive port city's unpredictably thrilling, cosmopolitan culture and never know what's coming next.
    White powder sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters and the sun coupled with Mexican hospitality make Cancun a destined escape. Travellers spend days floating in the Caribbean Sea, but there's also a vibrant nightlife and the Mesoamerican ruins to be explored.
    From sunbathing to marine adventures, Los Cabos offers travellers a hot escape from bustling city life, only without the humidity. Go fishing, fine dine, golf, jet ski, whale watch or simply indulge on the beach, sipping margaritas by swaying palm trees.
    Offering a melting pot of cultures as diverse as its climate, the possibilities in Europe are endless. Explore, dream and discover the old continent's dramatic history, fashion, delicious fare, buzzing nightlife and scenery that's ripe for swimming or skiing.
    Travellers never know what they're going to find among the atmospheric lanes and canals of Amsterdam. Cycle like a local or hop aboard a canal tour and glide past mansions, elegant gardens and hidden churches. There are bars and cafes for every mood.
    Live the hedonistic life in Athens where taking time out to socialise and unwind is a prerequisite. Vibrant street life and a relaxed lifestyle mean endless coffees, dining out 'til late, partying long and trend shopping are ways of life.
    Barcelona's huge lively heart pulses a unique and creative beat. Spend the day cruising down La Rambla and the evening getting to know the locals in Barcelona's many buzzing bars and restaurants.
    Why go to sleep when you can immerse yourself in the glamour and grit of Germany's all-consuming Berlin? Cafes are always packed, traffic flows freely, there's modern art and historical monuments to see. And maybe time for an opera or guerrilla club visit.
    Meet Copenhagen; a cosmopolitan metropolis almost always making the top five list of the world's most liveable cities. The bike-friendly, pastry-loving city is a foodie haven, where the urban beach and brave new architecture blends with the old.
    Personality is way more important than good looks in Dublin, so get ready to fall in love with its sociable atmosphere. Whether you fancy a pint of black gold on the north or south side, Dublin's vibrancy, nightlife and tourist attractions satisfy.
    Exciting new art galleries and historical architecture never bore your days, but it's at night when Istanbul truly comes alive. After haggling for carpets at the bazaar, get ready for techno and rave clubs, or more traditional male-dominated 'birahane' pubs.
    Gothic cathedrals, quaint museums and renovated palaces uniquely distinguish Lisbon, but the hidden gems lie in beckoning backstreets. Wander down narrow cobbled-stoned paths and discover a world of Art Nouveau cafes and fascinating flea markets.
    A hectic, bustling gateway to Europe, London is renowned for its multi-cultural diversity and street cred. Effortlessly blending the old and the new, it's a city that gets under your skin.
    For a feast of food and fiestas, head straight to Madrid - the pinnacle of Spanish living. Madrid offers the best of both worlds for those who like to live it up at night and absorb culture during the day.
    Prosperity and sophistication make Munich tick, but so does its pulsating cultural and music scene. Designer boutiques, ritzy BMWs and beer houses sprinkle across a backdrop of remarkable architecture and museums that give Berlin a run for its money.
    Touted by some to be the most beautiful city in the world, the City of Lights, doesn't disappoint. The cobble stoned streets filled with cafes, ornate bridges covered in gold and some of the most stunning architecture in Europe will make you fall in love.
    Go on a visual exploration through eras and be sure to sip some of Europe's best beer while in Prague. From the Renaissance to Neoclassical architecture and museums, there's also scores of lively bars, beer gardens, music gigs and clubs awaiting you.
    From the Colosseum to the Spanish steps, Rome is a city where history and contemporary life collide. Its chaotic energy, warm weather and great food, has millions of travels coming back for more.
    From crisp blue skies in summer to snow-filled scenery in winter, Stockholm always puts on a show for its visitors. The cosmopolitan city is known for pumping out edgy fashion and sleek designs, as well as being an 'it' spot for world-class nightclubs.
    Learn to share and embrace company because water-filled Venice attracts admirers all-year-round. From marble churches to musicians lugging cellos, back-alley art galleries, gondolier rides and blazing espresso, there's no sanctuary on a lagoon like it.
    A historical face that manages to stay young, Vienna impresses travellers seeking the best of both worlds. Between gigantic museums and grand imperial palaces, there's an array of courtyards and restaurants to enjoy wine, food and coffee pleasures.
    Twenty-first century Zurich is anything but the boring banking capital reputation it once endured. Countless new clubs, bars and restaurants sprinkled around a picturesque river have turned Switzerland's financial engine into a trendy, fashion-conscious metropolis.
    With world-class beaches, multicultural food and a laidback attitude, you'll soon learn that friendly Oceania is well worth the long haul. An enviable climate means soaking up the sun and spending time outdoors is a lifestyle any traveller can get used to.
    With over 300 islands, you can never be short of sun, sand and surf in the Fiji islands.
    Viti Levu, Yasawa and Mamanuca group of islands are the most popular for families and good nightlife, but if you're after tranquility, solitude and privacy, smaller islands like Tokoriki and Vomo are idyllic settings.
    You won't find rugged red cliffs, pearl-white pristine beaches and a vibrant culture quite like Broome offers. The town's rich history, contrasting weather and memorable landscape paint a backdrop for great dining experiences, lots of beach and fine art, too.
    It may be Australia's wine capital, but Adelaide never falls short on delighting visitors of all ages. Between the beach and rolling hills, the city boasts a diverse cultural mix of food, funky hotels, outdoor cinemas, unique wildlife and glamorous boutiques.
    The flourishing outback town of Alice Springs is home to Aussie characters and Aboriginal art communities. Travellers can enjoy taking in views of cavernous gorges and boundless desert by bushwalking, four-wheel driving, bushwalking or quad bike-riding.
    Known as the 'City of Sails' for its stunning harbour, Auckland is the gateway to New Zealand where idyllic islands merge with a cosmopolitan city lifestyle. Vibrant, bustling and multicultural, Auckland offers the best of both worlds.
    A modern city with a down-to-earth attitude, Brisbane offers superb subtropical weather making it a year-round holiday destination. This cosmopolitan city has world-class art galleries, excellent live music and nightlife and friendly local hospitality.
    Where the rainforest meets the reef, Cairns is the gateway to two world heritage sites: The Daintree Rainforest and The Great Barrier Reef.
    This tropical paradise offers something for everyone; from plush resorts to rainforest getaways, deserted beaches to pumping nightlife - Cairns is popular with the jetset and backpackers alike.
    When politics are off the agenda, Australia's smallest, self-governing city Canberra just oozes with creative juices. There's an array of world-class galleries and museums beckoning to be seen, not to mention leafy open spaces and home-grown wine to enjoy.
    A vibrant tropical city perched on a glowing harbour, Darwin is a casually-sophisticated city worth your time. Alluring sunsets, fantastic fishing, outdoor events and national parks complement the city's laidback lifestyle and rich indigenous culture.
    With more waterways than Venice, the Gold Coast is Australia's favourite aquatic playground. Golden beaches, rolling surf, sun-kissed locals and buzzing nightlife, you'll never be bored in this popular coastal city.
    Small in size and big on pursuits, old-world charm brings Hobart to life with its timeless appeal. As Australia's second-oldest city, intimately narrow streets and rich colonial buildings set the scene for festivals, hip urban bars and weekly markets.
    The fast-paced, big country town Launceston hasn't lost its charismatic, colonial character at all. Affectionately dubbed Lonnie by the locals, the cultural hub is graced with magnificent Victorian buildings, waterfront eateries and cool-climate wineries.
    Australia's cultural capital is a fascinating fusion of sophisticated sleek and gritty street. Discover a cutting-edge arts scene, exciting sporting events and exquisite cuisine. Melbourne is magnificently diverse and demands to be explored more than once.
    Pavement cafes, luxury boutiques, wide blue skies and beaches shaded by palm trees.... New Caledonia is a French twist on a Melanesian island.
    Travellers revel at New Caledonia's splendour on both land and sea; with its diverse landscape of waterfalls, rolling hills, clear waters and mountainous terrain that await exploration or relaxation.
    Perth is the bustling capital of Western Australia and offers fantastic weather, beautiful beaches, spectular vistas and world-class dining.
    Approximately 65km North of Cairns, Port Douglas is magnificently positioned between the waters of the world famous Great Barrier Reef and the spectacular greens of the World Heritage rainforest.
    Scenic from every angle, Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the southern hemisphere. Not only does it offer year-round activities such as skiing, rafting, hiking and mountain biking, it's also home to world-class wine, cheese and fresh produce.
    Steaming hot springs, exploding mud pools, breathtaking scenery and Maori culture will sweep you away in Rotorua. Sitting on the volcanic plateau, the adrenalin-packed town is home to New Zealand's indigenous people who can teach you how to cook in the ground.
    Boasting stunning harbor views, this international city offers something for everyone. Whether you're a lover of great produce and food, world class beaches or phenomenal shopping you'll find it in this sun drenched metropolis.
    The cultural and political capital of New Zealand, Wellington is an ideal getaway for all travellers keen to indulge in traditional culture as well as find out the latest in NZ fashion, arts, food and nightlife
    Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays are a series of 74 post-card perfect islands. Dotted with secluded beaches and friendly towns, travellers can explore this tropical paradise by sailboat, cruise ship or even a quick snorkel.
    The Cook Islands offers palm-fringed beaches, plenty of smiles from the locals, fresh food, cultural experiences that make it a stress-free, unflustured holiday destination
    Comprising 83 islands, Vanuatu offers pristine beaches, spectacularly rugged coastlines and awe-inspiring volcanoes. With a rich variety of unique holiday experiences including kayaking, waterfall abseiling and scuba diving, a visit to this magnificent South Pacific paradise is one not to be missed.
    With pristine white-sand beaches, clear turquoise waters and a mountainous backdrop, Tahiti has all the ingredients for a postcard-perfect holiday. The largest of the 118 islands and atolls that make up French Polynesia, Tahiti is a haven for diving, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing and sailing.
    Aloha - friendly Hawaii has so much to offer. A favourite for honeymooners, families and friends. Head to the islands to see why for many Hawaii is a firm favourite annual holiday spot.
    Venture through pulsating metropolises and surging scenery to get an authentic taste of the North American dream. USA and Canada both serve up a kaleidoscope of cultures and landscapes, so road trip along Route 66, journey Canadian wilderness and see it all.
    Live the high life of Orange County where splurging, relaxing on beaches and going out are daily norms. Picturesque surf beaches, super-sized outdoor shopping complexes, theme parks a la Disneyland and fine restaurants and bars take advantage of this beach town's perfect weather.
    Work hard, play harder, is how it goes in Chicago. So get over there now and live big like a local. Sprawl on sandy beaches, pack out a bar 'til 5am, taste a slice of the city's diverse foodie culture and admire alluring architecture.
    Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the heart of the famous Midwest, Chicago is not to be missed for sports fans, from basket ball to baseball this city is home to some top teams.
    With more shopping centres per capita than any other city in the US, Dallas is a shopper's paradise when big retail therapy makes the agenda.
    This big, bold and friendly major urban hub hits everyone's spot. History buffs flock to JFK's assassination site, lead foots love the car culture, there's an ethnic melting pot of food, plus it's home to the Dallas Mavericks.
    City of sin and casino capital. A true 'you have to see it to believe it' destination. Head to the 'strip' that features in so many a films.
    From the moment you touch down at the famous LAX start feeling 'almost famous'. Most report celeb sightings and witness filming of the next big hit.
    Trendy nightlife, world-famous beaches, theme parks, back-flipping dolphins and the arts. It's all about entertainment and letting your hair down in Miami.
    With an enviable climate of hot summers and warm winters, this cosmopolitan paradise attracts sun worshippers, foodies, sports fans, families, couples, buddies and kids for a good time all year round.
    It had to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, but New Orleans still maintains its illustrious old-school panache. Sweet jazz, blues and smooth R&B are heard in unexpected corners, dancing thrives and a palate for international aromas ooze from restaurants.
    Take a bite out of the big apple and in this city we advise you bite off as much as you can chew. This city literally has something for everyone.
    Orlando may be home to Disney World, but there's more than just theme parks permeating every corner of this city. The downtown district thrives with many nightclubs, theatres and restaurants offering a well-diversified mix of culinary choices.
    San Diego boasts America's most enviable climate, so enjoy soaking up all that this mellow city offers. Between the kid-friendly, world-famous zoo and SeaWorld, there are long beaches, boardwalks, desert-like valleys, museums and a party scene awaiting.
    Super cool San Fran is a must see for the foodie, arty, adventurer, family. Head to the Napa for stunning scenery and world class wine.
    Travellers won't even recognise the perpetual rain here because Seattle is just too much fun. Fashion fiends and record collectors shop, the arty can hit Belltown Gallery or grab a latte, leaving the party-hearty to do a pub crawl around edgy Georgetown.
    Vancouver routinely tops the world's most liveable city lists, which entices travellers to see what makes it tick. A giant doorstep of outdoor attractions lure beach and ski addicts, while coffee sipping, art-gazing and the music scene get noticed.
    The intellectually-stimulated talk politics in Washington DC, creating an atmosphere that will leave you awestruck. Paint the town red and explore lip-smacking dining strips, wild clubs, monuments, museums, fashion boutiques, theatres and some cutting-edge art.
    Aloha - friendly Hawaii has so much to offer. A favourite for honeymooners, families and friends. Head to the islands to see why for many Hawaii is a firm favourite annual holiday spot.
    Numerous snowy locations sprinkled around the world rack up a feast of snowy action for ski enthusiasts. Whether it's downhill, at night or cross-country skiing and snowboarding that's on the agenda, Expedia has the coolest list of ski spots down pat.
    Has the thought of paying a visit to a post-card perfect, warm sandy beach crossed your mind lately? Choose to be seduced by warm Mediterranean beach rays, exotic Caribbean waters, coconut-lined Polynesian beaches or home-grown hot spots to name a few.
    Lovebirds don't need Valentine's Day or a honeymoon to excuse escaping on a romantic trip together. Whether a countryside weekend or a five-star resort in an exotic location tickles your fancy, all a romantic trip requires is privacy, seclusion and bubbly.
    Short breaks are the perfect antidote for breaking away from the stresses of everyday life. Take a relaxing and fun jaunt for a few days to some of the best locations in the world and enjoy some well-deserved time off alone or with company.
    The world is your oyster and it's there to be discovered. Whether it's exploring far-flung villages, finding yourself in the world's coolest cities, or uncovering the history and culture of a nation that fascinates you most, it's time to stop daydreaming and start planning your next Big Trip!


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