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Norfolk Island featuring rugged coastline and general coastal views
Enjoy the relaxed lifestyle on this island in the South Pacific and discover stunning coastal views, fresh seafood and a warm community with an intriguing history.

Visit Norfolk Island for a quiet getaway experience just a short flight from Australia and New Zealand. Spanning approximately 35 square kilometres (13.5 square miles), it is easy to travel the island coast to coast and explore its magnificent shoreline. Hire a car and discover the dramatic cliffs and secluded beaches that line the island.

Kingston, the island’s historic capital, looks out over Slaughter Bay on the island’s south coast. See the ruins of convict settlements, dating back to the island’s early 19th-century history as a penal colony, and several restored colonial buildings and museums.

Learn about Norfolk Island’s intriguing history at the Bounty Folk Museum in Kingston. Find out about the island’s link to the HMS Bounty mutineers and Tahitians whose descendants resettled on Norfolk Island in 1856. Experience island traditions, such as the warm acknowledgement between islanders known as the “Norfolk Wave” and the “Norf’k” language, a unique blend of 18th-century English and Tahitian.

Take in the island’s relaxed atmosphere on a walk through Burnt Pine, the island’s main residential town. The main road and Village Place are lined with shops, hotels and restaurants. Enjoy an array of shopping opportunities without the taxes and duties usually applied in Australia and New Zealand. Book a table in a Burnt Pine restaurant and enjoy some fresh seafood. Try the local trumpeter or indulge in regional dishes based on traditional Polynesian foods.

Wander through the farmers’ market, held in Burnt Pine on a Saturday. The island’s information bureau is also located here.

Explore the island by hiking through Norfolk Island National Park and find magnificent views from Mount Pitt and Mount Bates. See some of the island’s unique flora and fauna on land and under the sea. Book snorkeling, diving, fishing or glass-bottom boat tours to see beautiful wildlife and coral species.

Reach Norfolk Island via a short flight from Sydney or Brisbane in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand. Norfolk Island International Airport is located near to Burnt Pine. Hire a car, scooter or bike on the island, as no public transport is available.

Popular cities in Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island showing a sunset and tranquil scenes
Norfolk Island
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Reasons to visit

  • Emily Bay Beach
  • Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area
  • Anson Bay

Norfolk Island

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