Andoy featuring mist or fog and mountains

With lush green and untamed landscapes, this north-central region of Norway has one of Europe’s most beautiful and largely undiscovered coastlines.

Prepare for a vacation of outdoor adventures and natural phenomena amid Nordland’s rugged beauty. Explore archipelagoes of thousands of islands, hike to mountaintops, gaze in awe at fjords and relax on Arctic beaches. Nordland is a breathtaking county stretching hundreds of miles along Norway’s northern coastline and Sweden’s northeast border. Crossed by the Arctic Circle, it presents numerous opportunities to experience far northern phenomena.

A good place to start is the county capital city, Bodø. Watch eagles soar overhead from the quayside, browse in artisan shops and see the amazing currents in the Saltstraumen. The city is the northernmost point of the Kystriksveien Coastal Route, which travels about 400 miles (650 kilometers) south to Steinkjer. Visit Narvik to discover a blend of industrial heritage and alpine sports. Narvikfjellet Ski Resort is just a short drive from the town center.

Nordland’s coastline is a gateway to island-hopping tours by bike and sea kayak. Spot whales, hike to tall peaks and picnic beneath the midnight sun on Vesterålen archipelago. Travel on the Andøya National Tourist Route between Andenes and Bjørnskiin. Enjoy summer hikes to the Ramnan and Måtind peaks. Sit beneath a sun-drenched night sky at Bleik Beach.

Hop between the islands of Austvågsøya, Vestvågøy and Flakstadøya of the Lofoten archipelago. Stamsund is the doorway to Vestvågøy’s Justadtinden mountain, the interesting village of Leknes and Viking relics. Bike from Stamsund to Henningsvær on Austvågøya. The majestic Trollfjorden forms a dramatic border between Vesterålen and Lofoten.

In the south, the Vega archipelago off the Helgeland coastline showcases sandy beaches and glorious hiking near nesting sites of numerous bird species. Head inland to see Sami people landmarks, hike around fjords and camp near glaciers and mountains in Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park.

Visit Nordland from May to July for the midnight sun and between September and March for the northern lights. Enjoy the county’s wondrous scenery from the comfort of the Nordland Railway on a 10-hour train journey from Trondheim to Bodø.