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Live like a Papua New Guinean on a Natural Habitat Adventure

Posted on Thursday 23 February 2012 in General



Live like a Papua New Guinean on a Natural Habitat Adventure - General Travel News

Papua New Guinea was recently recognized for having one of the best tours in the world by National Geographic Travel Magazine. Among the other Oceania tours were Antarctica, New Zealand and Australia, and although hardly anyone would disagree that skiing toward the South Pole would be the experience of a lifetime, travellers to the dense rainforests of Papua New Guinea will leave with an unparalleled adventure crossed off their bucket list.

On a Natural Habitat Adventure, visitors can experience a culture that has remained practically untouched since westerners first landed in the 16th century. Attempts to manipulate the mineral-rich wilderness have resulted in brave rebellions over the years. The award-winning documentary The Coconut Revolution explores the Papua New Guinean island of Bougainville, where natives successfully destroyed the coal mines that were threatening their forests. By taking advantage of the many uses of the coconut, Bougainvillians were able to fuel their cars, create weapons and succeed in the first eco-revolution. The documentary is a testament to the pride of Papua New Guineans and their devotion to sustaining their beautiful country.

The Tari rainforest is home to 13 species of birds of paradise and the Huli people, who were largely unheard of until 1935. Travelling up the Karawari River, adventurers will visit traditional villages and witness colourful bird dances and rituals. Residents along the water weave fishing baskets with dense leaves and prepare traditional food from the heart of the sago palm tree. About one third of the world's indigenous languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea, and visitors are encouraged to learn a few "pidgin" words to make communication between natives easier.

Guests to this enchanted locale will stay in small eco-lodges throughout their tour in the highlands, jungle and coast. These accommodations have been built with nature in mind, and feature woodwork and designs similar to traditional huts. Guests can bask in luxury while some of the most pristine forests and beaches in the world are just a stone's throw away from their window.

The Natural Habitat Adventure also offers scuba diving and snorkeling options for the last few days of the tour so that tourists can relax and fully absorb the extent of this experience.

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