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Travel photography tips for amateurs

Posted on Friday 16 March 2012 in Beijing, Madrid



Travel photography tips for amateurs - Beijing Travel News

The Running of the Bulls, a breaching whale, the Tour de France and ancient Mayan temples are only some of the thousands of photographic opportunities for travellers exploring the world. Whether tourists have state-of-the-art equipment or a simple point-and-shoot camera, capturing moments on vacation can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. After perusing through the award-winning photos of National Geographic Magazine, travellers eagerly embark on journeys with the hopes of taking similar photos. Finding the decisive moment is not easy, and though digital cameras and smartphones have revolutionized travel photography, many rookie shooters can attest to a number of beginner mistakes.

Flights to Madrid for the popular Running of the Bulls festival can be stressful for photographers who pack a lot of equipment. In order to save time and added weight for check-in baggage, travellers should have a proper camera bag that will store lenses, extra batteries, memory cards and larger equipment such as tripods and external flashes. Cushioned bags with interchangeable compartments are ideal, even for those who are just bringing a compact camera. A handful of camera bag manufacturers use waterproof fabric so that even heavy rain will not damage electronic valuables. Crumpler bags come in a variety of colors and sizes that can carry anything from a compact camera to multiple DSLRs and lenses.

Finding the perfect opportunity to take a photograph while on an adventure travel voyage may be overwhelming for tourists who want to spend more time enjoying their vacation rather than fumbling over failing equipment. One of the most important mantras from all travel photographers is to be prepared, whether that means being ready to take a shot at any moment or carrying extra memory cards and batteries. Moments can potentially be lost if, after a day of sight-seeing, the camera battery is dead and memory card is full of photos. Rather than leafing through thousands of images in order to delete superfluous shots, travellers should instead have backups to keep the perpetual motion of adventure vacation moving forward.

The best way to find a National Geographic-like photographic opportunity is to seek out locals who are simply going about their daily business. The open-air markets on Beijing holidays are colorful and full of life. Locals rarely pay any mind to photographers because they are busy making business transactions. Through the lens of a camera, tourists will be challenged to find the most unique aspects of a culture and ultimately capture moments to bring back memories years after returning from a trip.

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