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In case you need convincing: Reasons to visit Rio

Posted on Wednesday 21 November 2012 in Brasil, Rio De Janeiro



In case you need convincing: Reasons to visit Rio  - Rio De Janeiro Travel News

Brazil is a glowing country filled with treasures like one of the first established vacation destinations, Rio de Janeiro. Celebrities, A-list globetrotters and holidaymakers seeking rest and relaxation have ventured to this tranquil spot for decades, and its cultural, scenic and chic allure has made it withstand even the toughest of economic downturns. Now, with new tourism attractions to add to its repertoire, Rio de Janeiro holidays can be the perfect respite for travel groups of all ages.

Here are a few reasons to consider booking flights to Rio de Janeiro:

Sporting events
The years 2014 and 2016 are sure to bring a fleet of tourists to the glittering city, thanks to the World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games. Maracana Stadium has been undergoing major renovations to prepare for these worldwide sporting events, and as of today, there's still some serious work to be done.

"In the last three months and a few days, we will work harder to complete the 25 per cent of the work [that's left]," said Icaro Moreno Junior, chairman of a Rio de Janeiro construction department agency, as quoted by Inside World Football. "We will have to do around six to seven per cent per month, but we will deliver the stadium on time."

The structure will seat nearly 80,000 guests when it's complete, but if visitors arrive to Rio de Janeiro hotels before its official opening, they can check out the Visitors' Center, which provides views of the work done by 5,200 contractors, as well as a permanent exhibit of sports memorabilia and the history of football.

Brasilian cuisine
The ethnic food travellers will sample while in Rio is certainly a highlight of the trip. Rare, tender steaks, specially cooked vegetables and delicious seafood like snapper and sole are regular staples at Rio's popular restaurants. While during the day, fresh fruit and salted codfish, or "bacalhau," should suffice, travellers should prepare to treat their hungry appetites with a gourmet meal somewhere in the bustling city once night falls.

For upscale dining, head to Giuseppe Grill, where red wine and steak are a must. About 630 wine labels are showcased at this restaurant, hailing from 18 countries, according to the Latin Flyer. Whether diners prefer a juicy T-bone, slow-roasted ribs or more than a dozen other cuts of the finest steaks, they can find it all at this classy establishment.

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