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Get the 411 on Buenos Aires holidays

Posted on Monday 21 January 2013 in Argentina, Buenos Aires



Get the 411 on Buenos Aires holidays - Buenos Aires Travel News

It's easy for travellers to see why Argentina is such a spectacular place to visit. A gorgeous climate, festive activity throughout the seasons and cities dripping with culture make it a gold​mine for curious individuals consumed by wanderlust. If you're thinking about getting away anytime soon, now might be the time to consider booking flights to Buenos Aires and enjoying the thrill of South America.

The time is right
In the first few months of the year, Argentina is glowing with warmth, creating the perfect atmosphere for traditional festivities like Festival Shakespeare, which takes place every February in the national capital. From February 9 to 17, the annual celebration honours the legendary British playwright. Dance, music, opera and of course theatre performances of the writer's most famous works will take over streets and venues across the city, and you'll even get to witness medieval recreations of the Shakespearean era. Recoleta Cultural Centre is one spot to check for tickets for this year's shows, which will include "Mucho Tango y Pocas Nueces," "Romeo y Julieta" and "SonSonetos."

Fast food done right
Narrow streets and strict regulations led many people to believe that the food truck sensation might not make it to the avenues of Buenos Aires. However, a phenomenon of underground restaurants and pop-up eateries has quickly taken over and right on its heels is the food truck - the brightly coloured Nomade is an Argentinean pioneer.

Its first introduction to the city was at Feria Masticar, a massive food fair that takes over Buenos Aires' downtown district. The truck sold Momofuku-style sandwiches filled with pork, mushrooms and pulled beef, topped with onions and a special sauce. The elusive food truck is hard to track down right now, as it can't be easily found on social media sites. If you do spot this fluorescent truck, make sure to chase it until you catch it.

Another mobile eatery to look out for when you go on Buenos Aires holidays is the brainchild of Matias Kyriazis, chef of Paraje Arevalo and Local. Specializing in huevos​, or eggs, Kyriazis is sure to be a hit with travellers looking for a quick bite to eat for breakfast or lunch.

Latin American art
Those obsessed with learning more about the culture of the city they're visiting will want to venture to the Museo de Arte Latinamericano, situated in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Palermo. The beautiful collection showcases the region's art history since the early 20th century to the present day, and constantly rotates its pieces to keep locals coming back to learn more about their artistic culture.

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