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Expedia.co.nz Travel News is your starting point for airline, airport, flight, destination details, and last-minute travel information. Let the Expedia.co.nz travel experts keep you up-to-date and informed on the latest travel news.

Must-see San Francisco sights for movie lovers - Adventure Travel News

Hollywood may be well known as the movie capital of the world, but if you're going on holiday to California, you may want to consider a stop in San Francisco. The City by the Bay is actually the filming location for more than 100 films, and if you're a movie lov.. Read more

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The longest airline routes from North America - Flights Travel News

You may be ready to plan your next holiday but are unsure of where you want to go. Well, how much time you want to spend in a plane may prove to be a determining factor for you? Those who don't mind the confines of an airliner may find that they enjoy.. Read more

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The best roller coasters in the US - Adventure Travel News

Roller coasters are getting bigger, and thrillseekers are flocking to destinations all over the globe to ride them. The adrenaline rush can be addictive, and what better way to give yourself butterflies than to hop on the tallest, fastest, longest roller coasters out th.. Read more

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The top things to do when visiting Mexico - Holidays Travel News

Tourism in Mexico is on the rise as the country relies on travellers from outside the U.S. to visit. According to Reuters, the number of international visitors to the country is expected to rise by as much as 10 per cent in 2014.

"We are diversifying by promoting cu.. Read more

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Freedom in South Africa - Cape Town Travel News

Lisa Davies recently visited Johannesburg, South Africa, and all of the freedom sights along the way. She wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald that upon arriving in the country her driver, Joe Motsogi, pointed out the Cradle of Humankind.

He told her that Africa was the pl.. Read more

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Why college students should study abroad - Holidays Travel News

Now that school is back in session, college students may come face to face with the opportunity to study abroad. According to Stuff.co.nz, there are several reasons that you should study abroad: It not only allows you to experience another culture, but it helps you find.. Read more

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Travellers accuse airline of misleading fees - Flights Travel News

Australian airline Jetstar Airways is in the hot seat after travellers accused the carrier of charging additional costs without adequately disclosing booking and service fees when passengers used certain types of payments. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Jetstar.. Read more

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Unexploded bomb found near Frankfurt Airport - Flights Travel News

Authorities in Germany discovered an unexploded bomb from World War II near Frankfurt Airport. According to The Associated Press, the bomb was found next to a highway near Offenbach, Germany, on Aug. 19. 

Once the bomb was discovered, police had to block off a 1,000.. Read more

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New Zealand sees record number of visitors - Holidays Travel News

There were nearly 200,000 holidaymakers who ventured to New Zealand in July. According to Stuff.co.nz, there were a total of 196,900 visitors to the island nation in July, setting an all-time high - up from 183,700 at the same time last year.

"More holiday visi.. Read more

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Drunken man sneaks onto plane - Airport  Travel News

A drunken man from England snuck onto an empty Lufthansa plane at Birmingham Airport. According to the Fairfax Media, Lee Jezard, 22, climbed through the baggage carousel, made his way past security and went for a walk across the tarmac where he then boarded the plane.<.. Read more

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