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Taking on the top buffets in the world -  Travel News

Anyone who considers eating generous portions of food an art form in and of itself truly acknowledges the importance of a buffet line. Instead of being limited to selecting entrees and appetisers on the menu, the power the buffet beholds knows no bounds. One plate could.. Read more

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Explore the most family-friendly cities in Europe -  Travel News

One of the more overlooked challenges facing families is what to do to satisfy everyone in their group during their holiday travels. Even if you do find a place that features a few great attractions suited for kids, you can still find it difficult to appease the variety.. Read more

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Excellent apps for international travellers -  Travel News

The days of carrying your pocket translator or opening up the compass are all but extinct. When it comes to travelling to a new destination, most people can find everything they need to get by using their smartphones. Whether you're trying to figure out the currency.. Read more

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Sing your heart out at America's best karaoke bars -  Travel News

Whether you're no stranger to singing on stage or your vocal talents are solely limited to the shower, few can deny the temptation of pouring your soul into some of your favourite classic tunes, especially after consuming a few cocktails. From singing the blues to s.. Read more

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Searching for serene scenery in Sydney -  Travel News

Anyone who has travelled to Sydney can attest to all the prestigious landmarks and iconic views that make this city one of the most visited metropolises in the world. But for those who have yet to experience a true Sydney holiday, it's definitely time to get acquain.. Read more

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Experience the best whitewater rafting adventures in the US -  Travel News

The U.S. is home to some of the world's most beautiful rivers, ranging from tranquil streams of grace to raging rapid-filled channels. One of the best ways to receive the full-on experience of riding the rivers of America is through a whitewater rafting excursi.. Read more

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Find the best dive bars in New York City -  Travel News

If you're planning on visiting New York City anytime soon, it's important that you start getting better acquainted with the nightlife options available there. There's essentially every type of bar, club or pub you can imagine in the city that never sleeps, f.. Read more

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A backpacker's guide to Spain -  Travel News

One of the ultimate travelling adventures anybody can experience is getting the chance to backpack in a part of the world they've never visited before. Spain has long been a country that's extremely accommodating for backpackers, primarily due to its excell.. Read more

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Explore the national parks of Canada -  Travel News

Anyone who considers themselves to be an outdoor enthusiast and hasn't seen the immaculate wilderness of Canada should probably revise their self-proclaimed title. Canada is filled with ample opportunities to embark on outdoor expeditions that showcase all the .. Read more

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Marvelling at the world's most expensive buildings -  Travel News

For those of us who don't have the luxury of residing in massive mansions or towering castles overlooking the minions below, we can only fantasize about one day calling such a enormous manor home. But even to have the opportunity to visit some of these incredib.. Read more

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