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World's most bizarre sporting events -  Travel News

We're all familiar with the world's most extravagant sporting events. From the billion-dollar spectacles of the Super Bowl, the month-long captivation of the Olympic games to the down-to-the-last-minute action of the World Cup, these contests will forever mainta.. Read more

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Where to backpack in South America -  Travel News

For travellers in pursuit of the ultimate thrill of a holiday, nothing beats backpacking across a never-before visited country. Backpacking is how to live and feel like you're a local when experiencing a new place, and no continent is arguably more scenic and inviti.. Read more

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The coldest places in the world -  Travel News

While those living in the Southern Hemisphere tend to enjoy lovely weather as the year winds down, the rest of the world resting above the Equator counts down the months typically through chattering teeth. The winter season can make travelling conditions harsh just abou.. Read more

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Exploring the most mysterious places on earth -  Travel News

While we as humans would like to think that we have everything figured out, the truth is that there are just certain questions to life on earth that are merely anyone's guess. According to the National History Museum in London, the earliest fossil evidence of human .. Read more

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Must-see rock 'n' roll landmarks in the U.S. -  Travel News

There's so much more to rock 'n' roll than just simply the music. There's a certain mythical aura to the genre that goes above and beyond the soaring guitar solos and glamourised hair and outfits. The U.S. is one of the pinnacles for all the hi.. Read more

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The best places in the world to see the stars -  Travel News

It's easy to take the stars for granted. We see them every night, their twinkling presence illuminating our cities like distant gleaming specs amid an infinite dark projection screen, but how often do we truly take the time to cherish their extraordinary existence?<.. Read more

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World's best brewery tours -  Travel News

For travellers who are fortunate enough to be of the legal drinking age, nothing can help satisfy a holiday quite like a sip from a refreshingly cold brew. Beers are always a good representation of the country they were crafted in, and for true aficionados, checking out.. Read more

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The world's most famous hiking trails -  Travel News

Everyone can appreciate a good walk in nature every now and then. Nothing soothes the soul quite like a cool and calm breeze while you're completely immersed in the serene settings of a forest or countryside. But what makes a hiking trail even more alluring is knowi.. Read more

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5 riskiest tourist attractions in the world -  Travel News

For most people, the ideal trip features relaxing by the pool, long strolls along the beach or taking pictures of all the famous landmarks and attractions of the destination. While many travellers prefer to experience more tranquil and serene settings during their .. Read more

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Countries outside the US that celebrate Thanksgiving -  Travel News

It's that time of the year again when families are starting to prepare for what many consider to be one of the most epic dinners prepared on the supper table. While Thanksgiving is largely noted as a day of feasting with family and friends primarily in the U.S., the.. Read more

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