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Expedia.co.nz Travel News is your starting point for airline, airport, flight, destination details, and last-minute travel information. Let the Expedia.co.nz travel experts keep you up-to-date and informed on the latest travel news.

Visit and stay at a real castle - Edinburgh Travel News

A fairy tale is simply not complete without a castle for the prince and princess to live happily ever after in. This story-book style of living is now available outside the pages of your favourite childhood book. A nostalgic experience awaits adventurers who w.. Read more

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Swimming with sharks in Australia -  Travel News

When it comes to aquatic activities, most travellers tend to prefer the more tranquil aspects of the water. Whether it's casting out a line in hopes of catching an admirable bluegill or sailing the seas taking in the breeze, aquatic relaxation certainly caters to th.. Read more

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Discover your America - United States of America Travel News

Often referred to as the "melting pot," the U.S. hosts a variety of cultures, weather and terrain among its 50 states. Though in the same country, travellers will experiences a much different environment in New York than, say, in Texas. No single state ca.. Read more

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Instead of getting lost in the pages of a book next holiday, explore the romantic wonders of literature by taking a British Romanticism-inspired trip to England. This late 18th century, early 19th century period of literature was marked by the passionate individuality o.. Read more

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The chocolate capitals of the world -  Travel News

Anyone who considers themselves a chocolate connoisseur knows the distinct difference between your average candy bar and an exquisite, creamy slice of cocoa heaven wrapped in golden foil. Chocolate lovers, or chocoholics as medical practitioners may deem them, are truly.. Read more

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Indulge in the tastiest Parisian dishes -  Travel News

From the immaculate architecture to the vibrant lights that illuminate the evening, Paris sparks imaginations and indulges all the senses. While the city is renowned for its romantic pursuits, Paris is a must-visit destination for the fondest of food lovers. Every resta.. Read more

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The most inexpensive countries in Asia for backpackers -  Travel News

The potential expeditions throughout Asia with just yourself and your backpack are practically infinite. From the immaculate scenery to ample opportunities to experience life in different cultures, this continent seems to serve as the ultimate backpacker's para.. Read more

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Living it up in Dubai on a budget -  Travel News

Once you first step foot into the alluring array of skyscrapers, shiny retailers and shimmering waters that make up Dubai, your initial thought may be something like, "Wow, this is truly majestic." After you've finally soaked in all the immaculate scenery,.. Read more

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Qantas lounges to begin enforcing dress code - New Zealand Travel News

Starting April 1, 2015, passengers will no longer be able to stroll into a Qantas lounge fresh from the beach in a wet swimsuit and jandals since the Australian airline will start enforcing a dress code for their airport lounges.

The company will be shifting their dress .. Read more

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Famous movie hotels every movie buff should visit -  Travel News

If you're travelling abroad, chances are you'll be staying in a hotel. And if you're a movie buff, this gives you the best chance to book your holiday plans around iconic movie hotels. From the mountains to the city and through the desert, below is a li.. Read more

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