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Expedia.co.nz Travel News is your starting point for airline, airport, flight, destination details, and last-minute travel information. Let the Expedia.co.nz travel experts keep you up-to-date and informed on the latest travel news.

TransAsia Airways plane crashes in Taiwan - Flights Travel News

As many as 45 people are dead after a TransAsia Airways jet crashed into a residential building in the Penghu Islands in Taiwan. USA Today reported that dozens are feared dead after there were 47 people trapped underneath the wreckage.

Flight GE222 was making an eme.. Read more

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Bubonic plague reported in China - China Travel News

Parts of the Chinese city of Yumen were sealed off from the rest after a case of the bubonic plague was reported. According to the Washington Post, there are at least 151 people who were quarantined after they came into contact with the man who died from the illnes.. Read more

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Malaysia Airlines retires Flight 17 - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

Malaysia Airlines announced it will retire the Flight 17 code following the tragedy in which one of the carrier's planes was shot down over eastern Ukraine July 17. The airline said retiring the flight number is out of respect for the 298 people who died in the acci.. Read more

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Buckingham Palace guards perform 'Game of Thrones' theme song - Holidays Travel News

Visitors standing outside the gates of Buckingham Palace in mid-July were in for a surprise when they watched the Changing of the Guard ceremony. According to the Daily Mail, a video was posted online that showed the soldiers playing the theme song from the hit HBO show.. Read more

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down over eastern Ukraine - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

Malaysia Airlines was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17. According to CNN, there were 298 people including passengers and crew members who perished in the tragic accident.

The Ukrainian government is placing the.. Read more

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Airbus file patent for new seat designs - Flights Travel News

Plan‚Äče maker Airbus filed a patent application for newly designed, futuristic airplane seats. According to The Daily Mail, the seats are folding saddle seats that have low backrests, which would allow travellers to nearly stand up in their seats rather than re.. Read more

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Dubai airport wants to be world's busiest - Dubai Travel News

Dubai International Airport saw the most number of international passengers in the world. According to News.com.au, the expansion of the airline Emirates and low-cost carrier FlyDubai are helping the number of travellers making their way through the airport increas.. Read more

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Airbus introduces new design for airplane seating - Travel Travel News

In the world of airplane luxuries, there have been a lot of advancements as of late. For instance, some airlines have begun extending leg room, and aircrafts may soon begin utilising double-tiered armrests that can serve two people. Many travellers may have also noticed.. Read more

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Are these the best fast food spots in the US? - Food & Wine Travel News

While deep frying is believed to have been developed in ancient Egypt, in modern times it's most largely associated with American fast food. But the popularity of fried foods has seen an international surge as of late. Part of that is due to culinary television show.. Read more

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Families sent to wrong destination - Flights Travel News

The Pritchard family from Britain was heading for a Spanish holiday to the Mediterranean Sea to visit relatives when they were put on the wrong flight by Ryanair. The same thing happened to the Housely family. According to News Corp Australia, the families thought .. Read more

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